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We want to help you find the best vacation to help you make memories with your friends and/or family. Travel allows you to make wonderful memories, just like we have with our four children. We traveled with children for a number of years. Now that they are all adults, we can still enjoy making memories.

Our blog not only includes travel information, it includes some of those memories we’ve made.

I remember one of those favorite trips to Walt Disney World. Our youngest was three years old. Our older children, their grandma, and we had been to Disney World so many times that, even though we all loved it, there didn’t seem to be anything new. That changed with this trip. We all lived it through our little one’s eyes. Everything was new and exciting to her.


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Norwegian Cruise Line’s CruiseFirst Program

If you plan on cruising on Norwegian Cruise Line within the next three years, this is a way to get an additional $150 toward your cruise. You may purchase one of these certificates to apply toward any new reservation, but only through November 30, 2020. Purchase the...

I Want to Go Somewhere, but…

With many venues, states, countries, etc. not open to everyone, it is difficult to know what to do if you want to travel. While many resorts are opening up, and hopefully cruising will start again soon, there are a lot of rules you will need to follow. You could be...

Galveston and the Allure of the Seas

Updated October 23, 2020 In going through a few of my past posts, I can across this one. It is unfortunate that moving the Allure of the Seas to Galveston has been postponed. This is because of a money crunch. Building the new terminal for this large ship is...

Casey Jr. Circus Train

Remember the train on the "Dumbo" movie? Well, ride it at Disneyland. Listen to the music. The fun thing about this are the "cages" for the "Wild Animals" and "Monkeys." Yes, your family can ride in one of those cages - or you...

Should You Book Your Vacation Now?

In today's COVID-19 related world, there are various things you will need to consider before booking your next vacation. As of now, masks are mandatory for all air travel, rail travel, and bus travel. They are also mandatory for most hotels, in public areas. Masks are...

Radiator Springs Racers

Disneyland isn't open right now, but I decided to take a look back on our trip to live some of those memories again!   One of the most popular rides in the Disneyland Resort is in Disney's California Adventure. It is Radiator Springs Racers. No wonder, either, it...

Surprise Vacation

From time to time I like to go through some videos where people are surprised to hear where they are going. Some of them are boring, some show a lot of ingenuity, and some get you so excited because of the reaction of those surprised. Here's one of the latter, enjoy!...

Cruises – Masks Not Optional

Cruise ships have entered airlines, trains, Uber, Lyft, and hotels in the mask-required Twilight Zone. If you were hoping to have a great mask-free vacation on a cruise ship, well you're going to have to think again. Royal Caribbean and Norwegian Cruise Lines (and the...

Royal Caribbean International Shares Ranger Cookie Recipe

While I can't personally recommend these cookies (I'm not a fan of coconut), I have seen people grabbing them and enjoying them.

Improve Your Travel Photography Skills With These 8 Tips

Have you ever scrolled through someone’s vacation photos and felt a pang of jealousy? Their pictures pop, no matter the subject, with just the right highlights, angles, and details considered. You wonder how they managed to capture all of that with just their phone....