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We want to help you find the best vacation to help you make memories with your friends and/or family. Travel allows you to make wonderful memories, just like we have with our four children. We traveled with children for a number of years. Now that they are all adults, we can still enjoy making memories.

Our blog not only includes travel information, it includes some of those memories we’ve made.

I remember one of those favorite trips to Walt Disney World. Our youngest was three years old. Our older children, their grandma, and we had been to Disney World so many times that, even though we all loved it, there didn’t seem to be anything new. That changed with this trip. We all lived it through our little one’s eyes. Everything was new and exciting to her.


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Frustration Abounds

As airlines, trains, buses, public transportation, hotels, and other venues are requiring masks, more and more people are becoming frustrated. What's going to be the next rule imposed upon us? Will we have the option to get refunded our money if we don't want to...

My Favorite Cruise Ship

It is difficult to choose a favorite cruise ship. Yes, I may like something better on one ship than another. I may like the activities better on one cruise line than another - or the food. I may like the pricing better on one ship, too. So how do I choose? I like...

New Type of Muster Drill

Probably one of the least favorite thing of cruisers is the Muster Drill. You are required to gather at your muster station with everyone else. Sometimes there are places to sit, but usually not for everyone. If your station is out on deck, you are stuck standing...

Liberty of the Seas – Balcony Stateroom

My daughter and I went on a cruise together. We got a balcony stateroom. Since we booked late, we had to take what we could. We ending up getting a connecting stateroom. This meant that we ended up with a chair instead of a couch. It sure made the stateroom seem a lot...

Face Mask or No Face Mask on Vacation?

Everyone knows about the face mask policy at the Disney and Universal parks. Everyone also knows that states are imposing required face mask policies, too. Now there is a study out saying that 60% of travelers prefer mandatory face mask destinations. Of all polled,...

Expedition Everest!

This is a repost. I thought I'd take a look at some past trips and remember them again. In November/December 2012 our trip to Walt Disney World included our Hannah turning 18. Her goal was to ride Expedition Everest 18 times during this trip. Normally that is a very...

No Sail Order Extended by the CDC

Yesterday, July 16, the CDC announced that the no sail order has been extended to September 30, 2020. Here is a statement by CLIA (Cruise Lines International Association): CLIA Statement on CDC No Sail Order Announcement July 16, 2020 (Washington, DC)—As reflected in...

Galveston and the Allure of the Seas

In going through a few of my past posts, I can across this one. It is unfortunate that moving the Allure of the Seas to Galveston has been postponed. This is because of a money crunch. Building the new terminal for this large ship is postponed. They still plan on...

Are You Planning Travel?

Well, we were planning to travel this year, but everything got cancelled. This week our final planned trip was cancelled. All of them were cancelled by someone else, not us. What about you? We may still find an opportunity to go somewhere. We'd like to take a cruise....

Remember the Days!

How time flies... This picture was taken in January 2002. Our youngest was only 3 months old. My family: parents, three of my four siblings and their families, and the six of us (my husband and four children), headed to Walt Disney World. While my parents and my...