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We want to help you find the best vacation to help you make memories with your friends and/or family. Travel allows you to make wonderful memories, just like we have with our four children. We traveled with children for a number of years. Now that they are all adults, we can still enjoy making memories.

Our blog not only includes travel information, it includes some of those memories we’ve made.

I remember one of those favorite trips to Walt Disney World. Our youngest was three years old. Our older children, their grandma, and we had been to Disney World so many times that, even though we all loved it, there didn’t seem to be anything new. That changed with this trip. We all lived it through our little one’s eyes. Everything was new and exciting to her.

She may not have remembered that trip, but everyone else sure did!


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Will You Be Travelling Soon?

Some of you may want to travel internationally, whether by flying or by cruise. More and more countries are requiring you to have a COVID-19 vaccine. Some won't let you in without a vaccine, but some will allow you in as long as you quarantine upon arrival. Each...


Do you need to renew your passport, or get your first one? Well, they are taking longer than usual. Wayne had to renew his as it was about to expire. We heard 10-12 weeks. Yes, that is a long time. I am happy to say, though, that his passport renewal took a little...

One of Our Disney Surprises

One year I wanted to surprise my husband and take him to Disney World. I told the children what I was planning and they were excited that just the two of us would have a trip for ourselves. Well, my story and our reveal is in this video. Enjoy....

Carnival’s Melting Chocolate Cake

Anyone who has been on a Carnival Cruise Line cruise, and loves chocolate, will talk about this amazing dessert. Well, you can make it at home. Here's the recipe, with a video to follow: Just know that the recipe I have given you is from the Carnival web site. The...

Dole Whip

A favorite stop at any Disney place that has it is the Dole Whip. My husband, especially, has to always get one whenever we go to Disney World, and when we went to Disneyland. You can see him enjoying one here in Disneyland as we were waiting to go into the Tiki Room...

Want to go on a cruise?

Those who enjoy cruising and live in the US have been wanting to get on an ocean going ship for quite some time. Well, there will be cruises starting soon, but not from the US (or at least not that has been officially approved by the CDC). Crystal Cruises, a luxury...

Planning a Surprise Trip!

I know, it can be so exciting to plan a surprise trip for someone (or more than one), but before you start planning a surprise trip, consider if anyone you plan to surprise doesn't like surprises. Just saying... Once you decide it would be fun for the recipient(s),...

Galveston Finally Getting a New Ship in 2022

I had announced this quite a while ago, about Royal Caribbean's Allure of the Seas going to Galveston. That was delayed, but we finally have a new date - November 2022. Yes, that seems like a long way away, but it will be worth the wait. This is an Oasis class ship -...

Should You Book Any Travel Now?

If there's one thing we've realized lately, it's that things can change at any moment. Countries had started to open up to tourists, but then they suddenly close. Countries also change their entry requirements including: negative COVID-19 test, mandatory...

Alaska Cruise Outlook

It didn't surprise me when Canada announced a longer cruise ban. However, it did surprise me that they extended it through February 2022. Another full year! This hits large cruise ships hard, since they require a foreign port for a stop, embarkation or debarkation...