Travel With Groups

Whether just to travel together, have a meeting or conference, a wedding or anniversary celebration, or a retreat, we can help you.

We love groups! We don’t charge you to help with setting up your group venue, accommodations, or travel. We can even have someone travel with you to make sure things go as planned, or to adjust the schedule if something beyond everyone’s control happens. We will be there to help you.

You can have your group, event, whatever, almost anywhere: hotel, all-inclusive resort, and even a cruise ship.


You want the best value and we work to find you the best value for your group. You have your must-haves. We will do our best to find what you want at the best price point. We also try to find something special for the group leader, after all the group leader does a lot of work, too.

Do you need to add an extra fee to each attendee's payment to help pay for extra expenses like workbooks, speaker accommodations, give-aways, add-ons, to prepay certain expenses, special events, or whatever? We can do that.

Special Attendees

Do you have special attendees, like your keynote speaker, your parents, or anyone else who needs special accommodations? We can help with that, too.

We Can Travel With You

Do you need someone to travel with you to be sure everything goes smoothly? We can help with that, too.

Whatever you need, we are there to help.

Where Do You Want to Go?

For group travel, you can go just about anywhere. Do you want to go to a resort, a hotel, a National Park, go on a Cruise, or a Tour? We can help you plan the entire thing whether it is just part or all-inclusive. We can help select and book private excursions, too.

For meetings, conferences, and retreats, we can help you get the meeting space you need for when you need it along with any accommodations, food and beverage, excursions, transportation, etc. This can be at a hotel, resort, or on a cruise ship. We are experienced in conferences and meetings and can not only help plan, but also organize on site.

What about a wedding, anniversary, or birthday? Well, we can help with that too.

We have a number of vendors we work with all over the country and the world.


Get in Touch

Do you want more information, or just to chat to see if we are a good fit for you and your group? Send us an email or call us at 972-885-7174.