If you are “vaccinated” or not, there are rules for travel, especially foreign travel. Some countries require a “vaccination” (sometimes with a negative test, sometimes no test is necessary), sometimes they only require a negative test or proof of recovery in a certain amount of time. Sometimes you have to quarantine whether “vaccinated” or not. And these rules can change overnight.

If you do not have the COVID-19 “vaccine” you may not be able to travel to your choice of country. Some countries won’t even allow a cruise ship in their waters if they have someone who is not “vaccinated” on the ship. These rules can change overnight, too.

Even some states are requiring “vaccines” for various venues, like restaurants, museums, concerts, etc. No matter what you may think of giving your personal medical information like this to others (HIPPA) in this country (foreign countries don’t follow our HIPPA rules, nor do they have to), no one seems to think it should matter. So, if you are not “vaccinated” be prepared for a less than stellar trip, even if you are allowed to go.

Cruise lines are having problems since ports of call are changing their rules and not allowing those not “vaccinated” into their waters. Sometimes there are exceptions for those under the age they can receive the “vaccine” or for a medical reason they cannot, but not always.

Some foreign resorts and tour operators have made a “vaccine” mandatory, too. So, it’s not just countries.

Since the federal government has now extended the mask mandate on transportation (planes, buses, trains, etc.) through January 18. So, if you refuse to wear a mask, you’ll need to drive anywhere you go.

This is the first time in this whole world that there are so many restrictions on travel, and I don’t expect it to go away anytime soon. The muscles have been flexed and those in control don’t want to lose that control.

So, before you plan any travel, even in the US, be prepared to make a change in plans, no matter or “vaccination” status.