It is unfortunate that there are a few people who will take advantage of others by scamming them. But, it happens.

With the pent up demand for travel, scammers are setting up fake web sites to get you to purchase airline tickets and other travel items. These sites will take your money, and maybe even send you a “receipt,” but when you check with the airline, there is no reservation.

If the price looks too good to be true, it probably is. If you receive a call about an unexpected change in price or additional fee needed, beware.

Scammers are good at making sites look legitimate, or just like other online sites. You will most likely have to do your booking online with a scam site. You probably won’t even see a phone number to call anyway. However, if you do get a call from a scam site, it’s usually to get an “extra fee.”

It is best to contact a travel advisor who can help you find the best value for your dollar, or if you prefer to go it on your own, directly with the vendor. If you insist on booking on a site, be sure it is the site you want. Scammers are great at making it look real, even for a vendor.

Travel Advisors are around to help you. When we book travel for you, your credit card is always billed by the vendor, not us. If you ever see a charge for something we booked for you that is not from the vendor (like the cruise line, airline, tour company, resort, or hotel), get in touch with your card issuer and have it stopped immediately.

The best way to stop from getting scammed is to get to know a Travel Advisor and use him or her for all your travel needs.