Some of you may want to travel internationally, whether by flying or by cruise.

More and more countries are requiring you to have a COVID-19 vaccine. Some won’t let you in without a vaccine, but some will allow you in as long as you quarantine upon arrival. Each country has its own quarantine rules, including different length of time, some even requiring vaccinated travelers to quarantine, and when/if you need a second test.

Many cruises are requiring you to have a vaccine, too (even if you can’t take it). Some won’t even allow children on the cruise since the vaccine hasn’t been approved for children under 16, at least not yet.

If you are flying back to the United States, you will also be required to have a negative COVID-19 test, within 72 hours of your flight, before being allowed to board the plane. If you have a positive test, you will not be allowed to fly by the the US. Any cost involved for an extended stay will be yours.

Currently there are no cruise ships leaving from the US (other than small ships which typically stay in the US). Until that happens, we won’t know what will be required of passengers. We do know some, but we don’t know all.

In all cases, at least for now, expect to wear a face mask (even if you can’t wear one) in airports and ports, on planes, trains, buses, taxis, and ships (unless you are in a private area). You could also be subjected to temperature checks from time to time, especially on a cruise ship.

Failure to follow any of the protocols, whether you agree with them or not, may cause you to be left someplace other than your final destination. With regard to airlines, you will also be put on their no-fly list. In some cases, you could be taken into custody (and ships do have a brig).

So, if you plan to travel internationally anytime soon, be sure you know if you will be allowed entry and what rules you will need to follow. Know this before making a deposit, as some deposits are non-refundable.

If you plan to travel within the United States, know the protocols of where you will be going. Many hotels, even in states that don’t require wearing a mask, will require you to wear one. Some venues will, too. Some states may still have quarantine requirements, too. Know before you go so you are able to enjoy your trip and not end up sitting in a hotel room the whole time.

I know it is difficult to decide what to do. One one side you have those who won’t go with people who haven’t received the vaccine and/or who won’t wear face masks. On the other side you have those who won’t get vaccinated and/or won’t wear face masks. Rules change all the time and you won’t know what rules are in effect for the time of your scheduled trip.

If you need help deciding, let us know. We will let you know the current rules, if there are any known plans to change them, and what type of deposit you’ll need. We will also help you know what types of travel insurance are available in case you want to cancel for any reason.