Well, we were planning to travel this year, but everything got cancelled. This week our final planned trip was cancelled. All of them were cancelled by someone else, not us. What about you?

We may still find an opportunity to go somewhere. We’d like to take a cruise. This year will be our 40th wedding anniversary, so we were hoping to go on a wonderful cruise. Not knowing what the requirements will be on a ship is causing us to wait on planning that, too.

Since I’ve been wondering if or when we should travel, I keep seeing things opening, then closing. Then the rules change. I don’t want to vacation with a mask covering my face. So, now that Texas has a face mask requirement, I don’t even want to go outside my home.

So, I’ve been looking at past photos. I ran across one of our youngest on her first ride on the Dallas Zoo Merry-Go-Round. She had a blast!

But even the Dallas Zoo requires a reservation and masks…