How do you get the best deal on a cruise? Well, that answer can depend on a number of factors.

If a particular ship and/or itinerary is popular, the best time to book is as soon as it is available for sale. Why? The price can go up. Once you put down a deposit, that price can never go up. Also, if you wait, you risk not getting a particular type of state room or location.

Can the price go down? There are times it may, if it is proving to be an itinerary that isn’t selling. If you have already made final payment, you are not able to take advantage of a different price. As a travel advisor, if I see the price drop (or see a sale), I check to see if it would be a better deal for you or not. Sometimes the price may go down slightly, but if you choose to take that price, you may lose other benefits (like on board credit, free wi-fi, free drink package, etc.) instead. That is when you will have to decide if you are better off keeping what you have. The better price may not mean a better value.

So, as a rule of thumb, the best time to purchase for the best deal is as early as possible.

Now there is another opportunity for great fares, and many times the best fares, is if you are flexible. Many times within 120 or 90 days of a cruise leaving, you can find great deals for ships trying to fill up their cabins. You may have to sacrifice state room type or location, but sometimes those deals are almost too good to pass up. Sometimes you can book a cruise today and leave in a couple days. Just know that state room choices are very limited, and many times you do not get any added benefits.

We are here to help you find the best value for your vacation, cruise or otherwise. Sometimes we have access to specials that we are not allowed to advertise, so check with us.