If you go to Walt Disney World when you are celebrating an anniversary, wedding, birthday, or it’s your first visit – then you can have a button!

If staying in a Walt Disney World Resort, just ask for one when you check in. Or you can go to Guest Services at any of the parks and ask for one.

You won’t believe how many people will say, “Happy Birthday,” or “Congratulations,” or something like that.

We’ve had three family members celebrate birthdays while at WDW, and it is fun to have cast members and even other guests wishing you a happy birthday. Sometimes you’ll get a special treat – like given a tour of the control booth at “Space Mountain,” then taken to the front of the line to get on the ride. You won’t always get special treatment, but you never know!

Wayne and I celebrated our anniversary there one year, and we got all sorts of questions: “How long have you been married?”, “What’s the secret to staying married that long?” (we were celebrating our 32nd anniversary in 2012), and “Congratulations!”