I admit it. I am an introvert. I also enjoy home. I enjoy the quiet. I enjoy just a few people being around. I don’t enjoy crowds.

But I LOVE going on a cruise!

Cruising, to me, is relaxing. I don’t have to cook, I don’t have to clean, I don’t have to make my bed, and I don’t have to be around crowds of people if I don’t want. I can sit on my balcony and read and watch the water.

No, I don’t sit in our cabin the whole cruise. As a matter of fact, I’m hardly ever in my cabin. I do find things to do, including the shows, going to the pool deck to sit and read and watch the water, watching a movie on the big screen, doing a scavenger hunt, etc. I do go to a restaurant or the buffet for breakfast and lunch. I even go to dinner in a restaurant. I don’t order room service, but I could.

Are there crowds? Well, yes, but there are places to do all these things that are not crowded. Also, a crowd from time to time isn’t going to hurt me. There are all sorts of places you can find that aren’t very crowded, If I find I need a break from other people, I can always head to the stateroom for a rest (ok, so a nap – the sea air seems to tire me out).

Once on board, the whole ship seems to be like home. You’ve got the ship’s crew ready to make sure you have a great time.

I have headed out on a shore excursion, but I don’t always. The days in port are less crowded, so anywhere can be a great place to go on those days. That means you sometimes don’t have to wait for the popular activities that are so busy while at sea. BONUS!

This introvert can enjoy a cruise, so can you. Don’t let it stop you from going on a cruise.