The largest cruise ships in the world (the Oasis Class ships in Royal Caribbean Cruise Line’s fleet) have an actual carousel you can ride in their Boardwalk area on the ship.

Did you know you can have carving lessons to make a horse?

Just getting started

Well, no, you can’t, but near the actual carousel there was a photo op to make it look like you could.

You’ll also notice that there are several shops on the Boardwalk.

For example, there’s Candy Beach where you can buy candy. There’s the Dog House where you can get complimentary hot dogs and sausages, like bratwurst. There’s the Doughnut Shop where you can get complimentary coffee and doughnuts each morning. Also, there’s the ice cream and cupcake shop where you can get freshly baked cupcakes (or take a decorating course) and Ben & Jerry’s ice cream.

There are several other shops, and at the end you’ll find the Aqua Theater where they have a wonderful water show several evenings during the cruise.