How do you know which type of cabin to get on a cruise. There are so many choices. It can all depend on who is going with you and what the needs of everyone are. Just know that the least expensive and the most expensive state rooms typically sell out first. So, if you really want a cabin from one of these categories, be sure to book early. Consider these questions: How much time do you plan to spend in the cabin? Will you only be sleeping and showering? Will you be relaxing there? If you plan on spending any amount of time there, be sure to get a state room that has enough space so you don’t feel too crowded and feel comfortable. Is the cost important? If you need to spend the least amount possible on the cruise, you need to book early. The least expensive state rooms in each category (inside, ocean view, and balcony) will usually sell out first. Is the location of the state room important? If so, again, be sure to book early to get your desired location. Cabins in the lower decks are typically less expensive, but you may feel or hear engine noise or vibrations there. Also, any of the ocean view cabins typically have smaller windows. Booking too late may mean you cannot even choose your state room and one will be assigned to you. Do you want to see the water? Then you’ll need an ocean view or balcony state room. The balcony state rooms are more expensive, however, you will have a private veranda where you can sit and take in the view. If you don’t mind, and can get your fill of the view from the other decks on the ship, and you want to save some money, then consider an inside cabin, or an ocean view (has a window that can’t be opened). Where will you be sailing? This may be something to consider if it’s going to be cold. You may want to skip the extra expense of a balcony and still have a great view from your ocean view state room. Bigger suites can be great when you have more people, or you just want to have a lot of room. However, sometimes two lesser expensive state rooms can cost less than one suite. Many ships now have a greater number of cabins that connect, so you will have lots more space. Family cabins are usually bigger, and less expensive than the suites. Do you need an accessible stateroom? If so, be sure to book early enough before they are all gone. Consider what is important to you and your travel-mates when deciding the type of cabin to get. Travel agents are great at helping you determine what will best suit your needs.