When can you find the best deals on a cruise?

Fall, when school is in session, is a good time to get deals on cruises. Even some in January (other than the first week) and early February are good deals. Other times of the year include summer, holidays, and spring breaks. Those deals aren’t as plentiful. For Alaska cruises, early in the season (April and May) and late in the season (September and October) are best.

If you are planning a group cruise, the best time to book is as early as possible. This is when you can get the best price for your group. If you wait too long, the itinerary you want may no longer be accepting groups, or the price is higher.

If you are flexible with timing and the type of stateroom you want, many times you can find great deals on cruises when the cruise line is trying to fill up the ship. However, know that you may not always find one of these deals, and you may end up in an undesirable stateroom. However, if you don’t mind, then go for it.

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