It seems like everyone is doing a Destination Wedding. Nothing’s wrong with that, if you want to have your wedding at a specific place.

One type of Destination Wedding now is on a cruise ship. Sometimes it’s before you leave, and you’re allowed a certain number of people on board with you. Some may cruise with you, some may just be there for the wedding and then leave.

Sometimes you may have a wedding while in international waters. Sometimes it may be on a beach or other location when you’re in a port.

There are all sorts of options. Cruise lines are all about giving you what you want. While there is a price to pay, it isn’t as much as you may think. Some have packages as low as $500.

If you have a lot of people cruising with you, enough to make a group, the cost can be even lower. But you have to decide if you want a bunch of people going with you on your honeymoon. That said, many ships have special areas for suite guests. If you are the only one in your group to get one of these suites, you’ll be able to stay in this area all you want and avoid everyone else. It’s up to you.

Vow renewals is another great option on a cruise ship. Consider the “biggest vow renewal at sea” that took place in February 2019. Not to be outdone, Princess Cruises did the same thing this past February, with Gavin MacLeod (The Love Boat‘s Captain Stubing) officiating the event on the Regal Princess.

Your travel advisor will get in touch with the proper person at the cruise line and in turn the cruise line representative will be in touch with you to make sure it’s what you want.

There’s nothing like a romantic honeymoon at sea after your wedding or vow renewal.