Cruise ships have entered airlines, trains, Uber, Lyft, and hotels in the mask-required Twilight Zone.

If you were hoping to have a great mask-free vacation on a cruise ship, well you’re going to have to think again. Royal Caribbean and Norwegian Cruise Lines (and the cruise lines associated with them) have sent out their recommendations for “safe” cruising. They will even tell you the qualifications for that face mask, and face shields do not qualify.

Yes, masks will be required in all spaces that are inside, except your staterooms and when you are eating in dining areas. This is in addition to a required negative test result for COVID-19.

You’d think that a negative result before you get on a cruise ship would be sufficient precautions, but I guess not.

So, if you’re like most of my clients, and me, don’t expect to go cruising (or even travelling) anytime soon.

All this for the appearance of safety.

While this is NOT necessarily what will happen, it is what was submitted to the CDC by these cruise lines. The CDC could find it too restrictive or not restrictive enough.

You never know, though, there may be one brave cruise line that will NOT require a face mask.