The last port, but definitely not the least, we stopped at before heading home was Falmouth, Jamaica. When first looking at it, it looks more clustered than the other ports, because the buildings are closer to the dock. Nontheless, it has a wide open shopping area you can see from the port side of the ship.

The building you needed to enter to get to the shops looked almost like a tiny capitol building with the Jamaican flag on top. The inside was port security, tourist information, and a ton of Bob Marley, who was a Jamaican singer and songwriter, experience posters.

In the shopping area, it was paved with brick and concrete. There was a small stage with an overhang that hosted musicians playing Jamaican music.

Further down it narrowed to show more musicians on the side of one of the buildings and dancers dancing to that music in the middle of the walk way pulling in any kids willing to join the dance.

Every store had a ton of Bob Marley and other typical Jamaican things.

Everyone there seemed to be joyful to do their job and were super friendly. It was my favorite port.