This is from the point of view of a first time teen cruiser.

This is my review of my Seven-Night Royal Caribbean Liberty of the Seas cruise.

This is my first cruise, so my rating is not a comparison to other cruises, but how I enjoyed everything.

Food: 10/10 – The buffet, the pizza place, the Promenade Cafe, and the main dining room meals were perfect every time.

Teen Staff: 10/10 – All of the staff members for the teens were fantastic at breaking everyone’s shell for participation.

State Room Staff: 10/10 – Not just our state room attendant was super friendly, helpful, and on top of everything, but the others we would see in the hallway were also friendly and even willing to answer our questions.

Serving Staff: 7/10 – While they did their job, that’s about it, except for a few who went above and beyond.

Ship Stability: 9/10 – Never having been on a cruise I expected a lot of boat movement, but even on the days with the biggest waves, rocking was minimal.

On Board Activities: 8/10 – There’s never a dull moment on the ship, especially when not in port.

Cozumel: 7/10 – This is definitely a tourist spot/trap.

Grand Cayman: I can’t rate this because I didn’t get off the ship. It was taking a long time for the captain to decide if we could get off or not due to the high waves. When I saw the tender boats, I didn’t want to get off. The captain did finally decide to let people off, but it was a very late start for everyone.

Jamaica: 9/10 – A beautiful place rich in culture.

Boarding: 8/10 – A decently quick, but not so easy process. Mom says the line was long and not so quick (comparing to other cruises) and the process was easy and painless.

Disembark: 6/10 – A LONG painful process. Mom: The elevators were packed and we had to wait a long time to get on one. Since we were leaving with all our bags, we couldn’t do the stairs. Once we got down, we had a very long line trying to get off the ship and then in customs. At least the wait for the shuttle to the parking lot was short and we were on our way!

Total: 94/100 – A Definite must try, fun experience. I want to cruise again!