I thought I’d intersperse some information on our cupcake decorating adventure. When Opal and I took a cruise together (just us, mother and daughter), I wanted to be sure to do some things together.

When we got on the ship, had lunch, and dropped off our carry on bags in our stateroom, we decided to explore the ship. In the Promenade was a little cupcake shop. The baker there had a great personality and answered all our questions. Then I saw the sign about the decorating class. He told us all about it and encouraged us to register for it.

Now I am NOT very good at artsy stuff, so I told him mine would never look as good as the sample ones he had out. He insisted that mine would be almost like the samples. When I asked him what if they weren’t, he said he’d let me take the class again for free.

Since my daughter wanted to do it, I decided to pay the $30 apiece (yes, it seems a high price, but time with my daughter doing something she wanted to do, and we got to keep the cupcakes, made it worth the price).

When we went to the class, we were all instructed to wash our hands and sit at the table that was all ready with our supplies. The baker’s instructions and demonstrations were great, because I was surprised at how well mine turned out! I had to admit that my cupcakes turned out rather cute.

My daughter and I, as well as everyone else in the class, had a great time decorating, talking, and laughing. The funniest part was when we were trying to carry our newly decorated cupcakes to our room. It was not an easy task to carry them without one or more of them falling.

People would ask about then and would comment about how well we did. I was pleasantly surprised that it wasn’t difficult at all.

By the way, that Christmas Tree isn’t all frosting. There is an ice cream cone under there. Makes it a whole lot easier to keep the frosting from falling.