With an online travel consultant, you’re dealing with a living, breathing human being who works hard to help make your travel dreams a reality. You’re speaking with somebody like me, who can know your story—know what you like, can ask you about your dream trip, and can get a basic feel for your needs. I know that when you say you want “luxury” you mean a plush pillow, stunning views, six-star service and amazing meals – not like those online booking engines that misconstrue “luxury” to just mean a clean, over-sized room. No online booking website can take the same personalized approach like a travel consultant can. Sure, the internet can be smart, but it sure isn’t warm and fuzzy. And besides, wouldn’t you rather do business with somebody who you can get to know or, better yet, that you know already!?

Websites don’t always give you the information you want to know. For example, what class of service is that cheap airfare? Do you get to choose your seat, or is it basic economy where you board last and get whatever seat is available? Or what type of view will I have in that hotel or on that ship?

Travel consultant commission does NOT get paid by the traveler! The travel supplier or vendor (ie. Royal Caribbean, Marriott, Club Med, etc.) pays your travel consultant out of their share of the price. The commission is built in, so the price isn’t higher if you use a travel consultant or not. Plus, there are times your travel agent may be able to get you added value at no extra charge.