Your travel advisor helped you book your cruise and your deposit was made.

Your travel advisor recommended Travel Insurance, if he or she was doing right by you. Why?

Well, what happens if you miss the ship? You are responsible to meet your ship or find your own way home. That happens at the embarkation point or at any port at which you disembark.

Ok, so you’re sure you’ll make the ship. Ok.

But, what happens if you or one of your party gets sick? When you get to the ship, the person who is ill may be denied boarding. Why? Because the protection of the other guests is important – no one wants a ship full of sick people.

So, let’s say you lie when asked if anyone has had any of the symptoms listed by the cruise line. Later it is found out, especially when you may have to go to the medical center on the ship. What are the circumstances?

Well, the least could be quarantine in your stateroom, or in the medical facility (expensive). However, you could also be put off the ship at the next port.

If you purchase the right travel insurance coverage, you could have recovered the cost of your cruise (for a later cruise) and gotten help with other incidentals and with returning home.

No one wants something out of the ordinary to happen when travelling anywhere, especially your travel advisor. However, if your travel advisor is worth anything, he or she will always offer travel insurance and recommend it.

It is optional, and probably won’t be necessary, but it sure comes in handy if you ever need it. Just like automobile insurance, you hope you never have to use it, but it sure is nice to have when something happens.

So, if your travel advisor recommends travel insurance, consider it well before you decide to opt out.