Cruises are a great deal, because they are “all-inclusive.” That means that your accommodations, meals, and transportation to the ports (once on the ship) are included. However, not everything is included. This series will include lists of items included and not included, so you are prepared. These lists can’t include everything, but I believe they will give you enough information to be prepared.



  • Children’s areas and activities
  • Teen areas and activities
  • Movie Theater  movies (except snacks)
  • Stage Theater shows
  • In-room Television (a selection of free movies and TV shows)
  • Swimming
  • Hot Tubs in the Pool Area
  • Slides and Aqua Duck
  • Water play area for young children on the pool deck
  • Games in the Venues (like trivia and karaoke)
  • Dancing
  • Character Greetings
  • Sports area (like miniature golf and basketball)
  • Exercise Room and Equipment
  • Movies on the pool deck
  • Castaway Cay (except various shore excursions and equipment rental)
  • Mid Ship Detective Agency Adventure
  • Sail Away and Pirate Night parties (and at times other holiday or special parties on the pool deck)
  • Fireworks
  • Some demonstrations and educational activities

Not Included

  • Spa Activities and Services
  • Beverages and Snacks at the entertainment venues
  • Shopping
  • Shore Excursions (including some on Castaway Cay)
  • Some demonstrations and educational activities (some are free, but some have a small fee)

Tips on Activites

Not all of the activities above are available on all ships. When going to various venues for the activities, you will realize that drinks and most snacks are NOT included. Be prepared for that. As mentioned in the Meals and Snacks tips, you may take a beverage and some snacks with you. Go early to any staff or character greetings. For some, you can reserve times at the Customer Service Desk. Are you or someone in your party a bit too tired (or feeling rushed) to go to the Stage Show? Watch it on your TV in your stateroom. If there is a shore excursion you MUST DO, then book it ahead of time. If you wait, it may be full and you will not be able to participate.