Cruises are a great deal, because they are “all-inclusive.” That means that your accommodations, meals, and transportation to the ports (once on the ship) are included. However, not everything is included. This series will include lists of items included and not included, so you are prepared. These lists can’t include everything, but I believe they will give you enough information to be prepared.

Meals and Snacks


  • Breakfast and Lunch in the Buffet or the open main restaurant (not all are open during these times) – includes soft drinks
  • Dinner in your assigned restaurant – includes soft drinks
  • Any meal at the “fast food” venues in the pool area (hamburgers, sandwiches, etc.)
  • Drinks at the beverage station on the pool deck
  • Ice cream at the station on the pool deck
  • Room service (drinks are not included for free, you will be charged for any beverages with room service) – gratuity suggested

Not Included

  • Meals in Palo or Remy
  • All alcoholic beverages (exception, if you go to the DVC presentation, you will get a free beverage of your choice)
  • Food and beverage items in the shops
  • Food and beverage items at the theaters
  • Food and beverages at the various venues (adult or family – some, however, have some snacks sitting out that you may have free)
  • There are some premium food items in various venues, including baked goods and ice cream

Savings Tips on Snacks

Bring a large, covered drink cup from home (insulated is best) that you can use to fill with a beverage from the drink station. Be sure to fill it before you go to one of the shows, or wherever you want to bring it. You may bring (or have delivered for a fee) bottled water or other beverages with you on the ship. You have a small refrigerator in your stateroom that you can use to cool them. Pick up some cookies (or other items you want to snack on) when you are at the buffet, or have them delivered via room service. Set a budget to spend on extra snacks and stick to it.