Pictures taken at one of the Disney Parks can be some of your best, or worst, pictures ever. You just never know what’s going to happen. I’ve accidentally changed the camera setting a number of times, and the pictures turned out very poorly. The sad thing was, I didn’t realize it for a few days! We did have some great pictures, but those few days, well, sometimes we could barely tell what it was.

Disney has been taking pictures in the park, and selling them, for a long time. When they came out with the PhotoPass option, it was great, especially if your trip to one of the Disney resorts is a once-in-a-lifetime trip.

Not only can you get a whole bunch of pictures from the rides, you can have a one of the cast members with the camera take any number of pictures of you and your family. You will be able to get all those pictures for one price! If you purchase it BEFORE your trip, you’ll save even more.

With each individual photo costing $14.95, if you just have to have that picture of your family at Chef Mickey’s, or from the rides, that can add up. However, as I write this,┬áthe Memory Maker is $199.00, or $169.00, if purchased in advance. You will get to download EVERY picture taken by a cast member or those automatic ride cameras!

While you can have a cast member take a picture with your camera (and they will, if you ask), you can’t get those cool ride pictures. You won’t get those any other way. Also, with Memory Maker, you can add special things to the picture, like the year, or special characters or icons.

All of the pictures on this post were from the Disney PhotoPass (and we have a whole lot more). If you check out my previous post on Expedition Everest, you’ll see a lot of them, because that was the year our Hannah turned 18, and her goal was to ride Expedition Everest at least 18 times. She made that goal, and we have pictures on the ride to prove it!