Day 3 started with a leisurely morning. The ship wouldn’t dock until later, and our meeting time for our scheduled excursion wasn’t until noon. We had our breakfast in Cabanas while we were still at sea and then went back to our stateroom to get our items ready for when we got off the ship.

Be sure that when you get off the ship you always have your passport (or id) and your Key to the World Card. They won’t let you off without them, which is good, but that means you have to go back to your room to get them if you forgot.

We sat on the balcony and read until we got closer to the port. Then we decided to watch as we docked. It always amazes me as I watch the ship enter and leave port.

It was then time for us to meet our group. We were to meet in Azure. It’s a nice place to meet and wait for everyone else to get there. they had very comfortable chairs and Disney cartoons playing on the screen. You’ll notice that there is someone there selling cold water. Since I had a case of water delivered to our room, I was able to put a couple of them in our backpack without having to worry about buying any.

Several groups were meeting, and you had to be sure to check in so they knew you were there and to get your colored sticker to make it easy to find your group and guide.

Once everything was ready, we were taken off the ship and found our guide. We took the excursion with the trolley tour and then the tour of the “President Truman House.” My dad wanted to be sure we saw the house. He is a real history buff and enjoyed it when he went. While not particularly exciting for people who don’t care for history, we enjoyed it.

We still had time so we walked toward the dock and my husband just had to get the Key Lime Pie on a Stick. We heard about it on the Trolley Tour, and he just had to have it. I’m not a fan of Key Lime Pie, so I opted to get a scoop of ice cream instead.

After looking around some of the shops, and making a purchase, we decided we were hungry enough to get a snack. Since we missed lunch on board, we ate at one of the counter service areas on the pool deck. The food isn’t as exciting as it is at Cabanas or the restaurants, but it was ok. It is also more kid friendly with pizza, hamburgers, chicken strips, etc. There are also wraps and shawarma (to my husbands delight). With the beverage station and ice cream stations on the same deck, it was easy enough to have a late lunch. We figured it was ok, since our dinner seating time wasn’t until 8:15.

We then took a little time to shower and get ready for the show and dinner to follow.

The show was great. It was Pete Matthews and his “Juggling Comedy.” Yes, we laughed a lot!

We then went back to the stateroom to drop off a few things and prepared for dinner. Dinner had become a great highlight to end the day. We really enjoyed the company of our table mates.

After dinner, the movie we went to see the day before was playing. Three of us couples went to see it. The other two hadn’t see it before. I wanted to see it again, because it was rather fast-moving (and in 3-D), and the special effects were amazing. Watching it again allowed me to get what I missed. Everyone enjoyed it (so much so that one couple went to see it several more times).

It was then rather late, so we headed back to our stateroom and turned in for the night.

To be continued…