Day 5 brought us to Nassau. We had been there previously, but we never got off the ship. We were glad we didn’t book an excursion on the other cruise, because everyone came back disappointed with their excursion. Either it wasn’t what they hoped, or there were too many crowds.

Including our ship, there were five ships in port this day. Yes, crowded. One of the ships was the Disney Dream. I got some video footage of the Aqua Duck from the vantage point of our ship, the Disney Wonder.

Back to Nassau – we decided to not book an excursion again, but this time we decided to get off the ship and look at a few shops. This time we actually bought our children souvenirs. It wasn’t anything big, but it was something we thought they would each like.

When we got off the ship, there were tons of crowds, and also the locals looking to take you someplace or sell you something. We waded through that and got to the shops. It didn’t take us long to find what we wanted, so we were back on the ship well before lunch.

We got back to our stateroom to drop off our purchases and decided to take a look at what was on the schedule for today (the Navigator). We decided to go to the pool deck and sit and read. Once we got there, we saw Wall-E on the Funnel Vision screen and decided to sit where we could watch the rest of it. I don’t know why, but for some reason I like this movie. I see Wall-E working and working and working and seemingly getting nowhere. But he keeps on working, just doing what he’s supposed to do.

After that, we went to lunch where my husband could again eat his peel and eat shrimp.

The afternoon we took some time walking around the ship and looking at the other ships from our ship’s point of view. We then took some time to relax on the pool deck again reading. While there are plenty of activities available, our goals on cruises is to relax. We don’t get to do that much at home, so reading and relaxing is a lot of what we do.

That night, after we left port, we went to the show. Lynn Trefzger, a ventriloquist was performing. She was very funny and we really enjoyed the show. Then dinner again with our wonderful table-mates.

For some reason, the air that day was very humid, thus making us very tired. We went back to our stateroom after dinner and turned in for the night.

To be continued…