Obstacles to entering the Disneyland Resort? Well, not really obstacles, but I want you to understand what to expect when you go to Disneyland.

We stayed in a Disney Good Neighbor Hotel, but not in a Disney hotel. I’ll discuss our transportation experience later.

To get into Disneyland Resort, you must enter via one of the security entrances. This includes everyone who enters either of the parks or Downtown Disney. What happens?

First, you must go through a line for your bags to be checked. Every check I witnessed, either our bags or someone else’s, was very thorough. You must open each compartment of your bag as well as any other bag or container inside your bags. Since Wayne and I were familiar with this at Disney World, we were prepared and had every pocket and compartment. We also had any other items, like my zippered wallet, removed from the backpack and opened as well. That allowed us to go through the search quickly. Some in front of us were not prepared and told to open other pockets and items inside their bag.

Once your bags are searched, you go to the metal detector scan. Your bags will be sent through without you and you walk through, just as if you are at an airport. Our first day, Wayne beeped. That meant they did a wand scan on him. After that, he removed his belt and never beeped again.

Unlike Walt Disney World, everything is close to each other.