When going through ticket options, the new MaxPass was mentioned. While I will be able to give more detail on it after we’ve used it, I can give some information on it now.¬†We will be using this new option while at Disneyland, not just to learn about it, but because it is something we really want.

MaxPass allows you to get FastPasses without having to run to the FastPass kiosk. As soon as your ticket is “activated” for entry into the park for that day, you can get on the app on your mobile device and get a FastPass (if one is available). While there are rules as to when you can get your next one (similar to the paper FastPasses), at least you don’t have to run all over the park to get them. This can be a time-saver. If you are park hopping, you can even get a FastPass in the other park.

Another benefit is if you changed your mind, you can cancel a FastPass, giving you the option of getting a replacement quicker. If you use the paper FastPass, you don’t have the option of cancelling.

You will also be able to add any photos taken on rides or by photographers onto your account for later downloading. This in itself may be worth the extra money! You will have to enter the code for the photo, which may slow you down a bit, though.

Another nice feature is that one person can make FastPass selections for everyone with the MaxPass option. You don’t have to have everyone get on their device to make them.

As of this writing, the MaxPass feature costs $10 per ticket, per day. If all you want are the pictures, you don’t need one for everyone in your party, just having one person with MaxPass will allow you to get the photos. However, only those with the MaxPass will be able to use the FastPass option. So, if you have people in your party who don’t care to ride the FastPass rides, don’t purchase it for them.

Another downside to the MaxPass app is that it will be a big drain on your mobile device’s battery. You may need to find a charging station or carry a portable charger with you.