While I can do a lot of planning for Disney World, since I’ve been there plenty of times, it has been a bit more difficult for me to plan our Disneyland trip. I’m not as familiar with it. While I have taken the certification course, there’s nothing like actually going there to really understand it. I look forward to learning more by going.

When staying in a Good Neighbor hotel (meaning a hotel Disney has “approved” and can even be booked as an official Disneyland vacation, but not an actual Disney resort hotel), transportation becomes a need. Most of them are not really within walking distance, and don’t provide transportation.

That “problem” is easy enough to handle though, because Anaheim has a great option for you to use: Anaheim Resort Transportation (ART).

Not only will you have transportation to Disneyland, you’ll also have transportation throughout the area, including restaurants, Knott’s Berry Farm, Angel Stadium, and many other attractions in the area. You may purchase a one-day, or a several day pass to use. This makes travel around the area very convenient, since you can ride all day, getting on and off as many times as you want.

One more item planned and finished!