Yes, there are scams everywhere, even when it comes to travel. There are people out there who say they are travel advisors, but they aren’t. They take your money and you don’t have anything booked to show for it.

Be sure you use a credit card to book your travel, because then you can dispute it when you don’t get what you expected to get.

Here at SolesFam, we never take cash or checks from you. When we make a payment on your behalf, with a credit or debit card, it is NOT to us, but with the vendor directly. This way you KNOW something got booked with them. We don’t mind you double-checking, either. It’s your hard-earned money, and we want you to feel comfortable dealing with us. Ask us for help whenever you need it.

So why book with a travel advisor? Because we are able to help you find the best value for your money. Even if it isn’t less money, sometimes the added value we find (like a free room upgrade or spending credit) is worth more.