One of our family’s favorite places to go in Epcot is “Club Cool.” It’s not everywhere you can get something free at Walt Disney World, but here you can. It’s where you can try soft drinks by Coke from around the world. Some of them are great favorites of family members, others, well, not so favorite.

You may try each of the drinks as many times as you like. So, be sure you’re good and thirsty before heading there!

You can find Club Cool near the “Fountain of Nations,” or as we call it the dancing fountain, behind Spaceship Earth, in Future World. By the way, the dancing fountain is another favorite of many of us. Be sure to watch the fountain dance to the music. There are a number of selections randomly played every quarter hour.


While my husband and my dad like this special drink from Italy, most people do not. I remember telling children to have their parents try the Beverly because it’s “to die for.” Literally, it is! Many people will spit it out! Why it’s such a popular drink in Italy, I don’t know.