Everyone knows about the face mask policy at the Disney and Universal parks. Everyone also knows that states are imposing required face mask policies, too.

Now there is a study out saying that 60% of travelers prefer mandatory face mask destinations. Of all polled, 35% said they would ONLY go to a destination with face masks required and 26% said they would be more likely to visit a location where a face mask was required.

Only 3% said that they would NOT go to a destination with face masks required and 6% said they would be less likely to visit a destination that required face masks. 16% said that it didn’t matter either way to them.

These figures surprised me as this is not what my customers are saying. They do NOT want to go somewhere where face masks are required. Many either can not or will not wear a face mask due to health concerns.

Now that hotels are also having face mask requirements, and cruises still being up in the air about this, it is having an impact.

The economy, the delays in starting up again, and other factors are also having an impact. We’ve delayed any of our own travel, just because we are so unsure as to when various locations will open. We’ve already had two cruises cancelled.

If you want to take a look at the study, it’s on the web site of Longwoods International, which did the study. Click the button below to go directly to the study.