As airlines, trains, buses, public transportation, hotels, and other venues are requiring masks, more and more people are becoming frustrated. What’s going to be the next rule imposed upon us? Will we have the option to get refunded our money if we don’t want to participate in the next new “stop the spread” fad?

I’m afraid to book any travel now, because things change almost every day now. As I write this, we were hoping the “Masks Required” dictate from our governor would be gone on August 10 (the expiration date of the dictate by the dictator). However, he has now stated that the mask order may be removed “by the end of the year.”

How frustrating is it for people who can’t wear masks due to health issues or other reasons? They are stuck at home.

Well, I hate for this to be such a downer post, but I’m fed up with the “masks don’t help” then “masks help” then “you don’t have to wear masks, but we encourage you to do so” then “masks are required” then…

Does anyone even know what they are saying? Believe the science – I don’t think anyone even knows what the science is. But we’re going to suffer because of it.