I had announced this quite a while ago, about Royal Caribbean’s Allure of the Seas going to Galveston. That was delayed, but we finally have a new date – November 2022. Yes, that seems like a long way away, but it will be worth the wait.

This is an Oasis class ship – the largest cruise ships in the world! You can see that from the picture below where the Allure of the Seas is behind a Carnival Cruise Line ship.

Wayne and I were able to experience this ship in September 2019. While there are a LOT of people on the ship, most of the time it didn’t feel that way. The ship is designed to keep people in different areas. While you will see a crowd at meal time, show time, and in the promenade (lots there, and a great gathering place), many times you will be able to find a relatively quiet and empty place to sit or explore.

Some of our favorite things on the ship were the Boardwalk, which is home to the climbing walls and the aqua show (don’t miss that – it’s worth the time, so get your free reservation). We also enjoyed the quietness of Central Park. It is definitely something you don’t see on just any cruise ship.

Other Royal Caribbean ships have ice rinks and surf riders, too. We did enjoy watching the ice show (you can also skate yourself at certain times) and watching the wipe outs of some of the brave “surfers.”

If you enjoy the food on a cruise, you’ll be glad to know you’ll probably walk off much of it just going from the front to the back of the ship for the various activities. It is a large ship, but I will say that while there is a lot of walking, it wasn’t something we dreaded. We had a stateroom in the back of the ship (our favorite part), but had to go to the front of the ship each day for meetings. We didn’t think it was too far to walk, and actually, we enjoyed it by making our way through fun parts of the ship on the way, like the promenade.

If you want to see our previous post with pictures, here it is: https://solesfam.com/allure-of-the-seas/