While some travel advisors (the new name for travel agents) charge a fee for their services, most do not. We do NOT charge a fee for our services.

That means that you will pay the same price as if you purchased a trip on your own.

Then why use a travel advisor?

  • It doesn’t cost you more.
  • You have someone who can help you find the best value and best options.
  • At times there are special offers available through travel advisors that are not advertised (nor allowed to be advertised).
  • Sometimes an added amenity can be added through a travel advisor that you can’t get on your own. While the price is the same, you get an added value.
  • You help the travel advisor.

If it doesn’t cost more, how does a travel advisor get paid?

After you book a trip through a travel advisor (not on your own) the travel advisor will get paid a commission from the supplier of your trip or cruise about 60 days AFTER you take your trip. This means, that you pay the commission whether you use a travel advisor or not. The supplier keeps the commission if you book on your own.

So, if you are getting help from a travel advisor, be sure to allow him or her to book the trip for you, as you used his or her services. If you book on your own, that travel advisor doesn’t get paid for helping you or answering your questions.