As locations, states, and countries start opening up for travel, how will things look?

If you fly, you will be required to wear a face mask. Don’t think you can take it off on the plane either. If you do, and won’t cooperate by putting it back on, you will find yourself on a list that won’t let you fly that airline again. So, if you’ve only gone one direction, you’ll have to find another way home. So, if you are for or against face masks, it won’t matter. You must comply.

Airlines are beginning to forget social distancing on their planes now. For a while many airlines, not all, were not using the middle seats. That is changing.

Some states, and Puerto Rico, will require you to wear a face mask while not in your hotel room – even outside. Some countries will require you to wear them, too.

Some countries will require you to take a COVID test. If you don’t have a negative result, you won’t be allowed in. This test will have to be within 72 hours of when you hop on that airplane (or cross the border).

Right now, Europe will not be allowing United States citizens to enter. There is no date, yet, as to when travel there will again be allowed.

Some hotels are requiring you to wear a mask when you are outside your room. Also, many hotels will not be servicing your room during your stay. If you need anything, you will need to call housekeeping. They will get what you need and leave it outside your room door.

If you take a train or bus you will need to wear a face mask, too. The same goes for when you use Uber of Lyft.

What about cruises? Well, that is still up in the air. Cruise lines are different. If they ever touch the US border, they must follow CDC guidelines. They have done so all along, but now they don’t know for sure what the CDC is going to do. Whatever the CDC decides, they have no choice – unless they decide not to have their ships in the US.

If you need to know what requirements will be placed on you at your chosen place of travel, you will need to do some research. If you have a travel advisor for your trip, he/she will be able to help you with that.

Just know that during this time, changes can be made at any time. What was allowed or not allowed one day may not be the same the next day. Some venues are being closed down by cities, counties, and states for various reasons, too. So, be prepared for change.

Remember, travel insurance is probably a very good thing to have, especially now, during this time.