I am an introvert who enjoys staying home, but not all the time.

I’m ready to get out and about. I want to go to church. I want to go to a restaurant. I want to go to the grocery without people wondering why I’m not wearing a mask (it makes me feel closed in and I feel panicky).

I also want to get on a cruise ship! Yes, a cruise ship!

Since our May cruise has been cancelled, we need to decide on another one. I don’t want to travel in the summer, because I prefer the off season – fall, winter, and spring. So, now we’ve got to search again.

I’m not afraid to get on a ship. Why? Well, cruise ships have always taken great care in keeping things germ free. They know what can happen. That’s why they also ask people about illnesses they may currently have or may have been exposed to. (Yes, some people lie about it, and that is on them. It shouldn’t be on the cruise line.)

They are constantly reminding you to wash your hands and have hand sanitizer stations around, especially by the restaurants, with people even making sure you use it.

Cruise ships got a bad name and it wasn’t even their fault. Airplane traffic could have spread it much easier, but you wouldn’t know it came from there, because that was just a short time you were together with those people. You don’t think about that short time.

I’m ready to get out and about!