Is the internet important to you while travelling? It is to me. After all, most of my business requires internet access. I do travel for business, and even when I travel for pleasure, I need to check a few things from time to time.

So, when you get to a hotel/lodge, for a business conference, that advertised they had internet and they say it’s down (and I find out it has been down for days), it isn’t a great feeling. When I called to mention I needed internet, I was disappointed in their response. “Oh, it’s been bad all day and down most of the day.”

Ok, a correct response would be, “We are trying to get it back up and will let you know when it is.”

It’s obvious nothing is being done, so what do you do? It’s a bit difficult when you are helping someone run a conference to just run to town to get internet access.

I can understand internet being down from time to time. Nothing is ever 100%. But to not care, and to appear not to be doing anything about it isn’t a good sign.

Check reviews and maybe even talk to some of the regular workers there (not the sales person trying to get you to book there).