One thing you would hate to have lost or stolen while travelling abroad is your passport.

If you don’t have it, you will most likely be denied boarding a cruise ship, airplane, or any other transportation that would take you out of that country.

Always keep a copy of your passport. While it won’t work for a substitute, it will help speed up the replacement at the embassy.

Here are some tips when travelling abroad and keeping your passport safe:

  1. Keep your passport on your person at all times. A cross-body bag is a good choice to keep it on your person. An extra measure of safety is to use a safety pin to hold the compartment the passport is in closed. Even using one on all the compartments will not give away which compartment it is in.
  2. Never take that bag off your person while ashore, even when eating at a cafe or other restaurant. Pickpockets live for travelers putting their bags down for “just a second.”
  3. Keep copies of your passport in your luggage, with a contact back at home, and in your email account, so they can be accessed easily anywhere, at any time, to speed up the replacement process overseas.