Re-posted entry from earlier.

Memories are important. I think of them a lot now that I’m getting older. I want to remember the things I’ve done with my children, family, and friends.

Yes, there have been a lot of good memories, but there have been some things that went terribly wrong. Even those times I can look back on, because we got through them. Many we can laugh at now that they are in the past. All were with it, though.

I remember in Costa Rica our son almost fell into a well. That was scary. That’s what happens when you have a very curious three-year-old son who doesn’t understand the dangers of a deep well.

I also remember surprising our three oldest children with a trip to Walt Disney World. All they knew was we were going to see Grandma Soles. They didn’t know we were going to see her at Disney World! We got on the plane, met Grandma at the airport, got our luggage, found our driver and hopped in the van to take us to “The World.”

I remember our son, who was seven at the time, when he saw the Walt Disney World arch showing that we were entering “the happiest place on earth.” He couldn’t speak. All he could do was point. The girls were excited, too, but at least they could talk.

I remember this picture on the left when Wayne and Nat had matching shirts. Many times the girls and I had matching outfits, but finally the men had something that matched.

I remember when Wayne and I went on a trip to Colorado with my parents. It was a time Wayne really got to know them better. While there were clashes, there were a lot of good memories. Like every night we would go play miniature golf and then go out for dessert. The loser at miniature golf had to pay for dessert.

There are so many memories! Yes, you can make memories with your travels.