Why would I want to pay extra for an after hours party at the Magic Kingdom? Especially when it is $74 or more for the event?

While the party isn’t for everyone. It may be for you. Here are some reasons for:

    1. You can take a “day off” from going to a park and just relax that day. This means you can purchase one less day on your ticket. Since you’ll allowed in the Magic Kingdom at 4:00 pm (for a 7:00 pm start time, and it lasts until midnight), you’ll be able to get in a full 8 hours at the park, if you so choose. So you can sleep in the day you go to the party and still have a “full day” in the park. We typically would get there a little after 4:00 pm and then eat supper. You can choose to make a reservation or just go to a counter service venue. You may also want to catch a few rides that don’t have long lines before 7:00, when they start “shooing” out those who do not have a ticket to the event.
    2. You can wear a costume! Yes, many who attend are in costume. It can be loads of fun.
    3. You get to greet characters as they are dressed up for Halloween.
    4. Trick or Treat candy! Yes, there are a number of Trick or Treat stations set up around the Magic Kingdom.
    5. Lower capacity means shorter lines for rides and attractions. There have also been times when we’ve gotten to stay on rides without getting off and running back through the line. There was no one waiting to get on the ride, so the allowed us to stay on. This doesn’t always happen, so if you hit it right – that’s an extra bonus.
    6. A special parade, fireworks, and other shows!
    7. The smile on your face and the faces of your children.