The very first cruise we went on was after we hadn’t had a vacation for a while. We had been caring for my mother-in-law, so we couldn’t travel together (my husband did travel for work). Our goal was to relax. We had no plans to get off the ship. We were just going to take it as it came. Ever since that first cruise, my favorite vacation is a cruise. Why? Well, a number of reasons, and maybe this will help you decide if a cruise is for you.

  1. I can watch relax and just watch the water if I want. While I don’t like being in the water (or at the beach), I love watching the water. It relaxes me. There’s nothing like sitting out on your balcony or on deck with a book (or Kindle) and reading, then every so often watching the water.
  2. My meals are included. Unless I want to go to a specialty restaurant or purchase a special snack, I don’t have to worry about what I eat on the ship when it comes to cost. I can go to any of the main restaurants, the buffet, or any of the other options available complimentary and can order as much or as little as I want. Some ships don’t charge for room service (but remember a gratuity), but some do. The big thing – I am not the one doing the cooking or cleaning up afterward!
  3. I get my room cleaned twice a day. Ok, while that’s not really necessary to have it twice, it does make you feel special, and I’m not the one making the bed every day!
  4. I can get off the ship in port – or not. Yes, I can choose if I want to explore at the stop or if I want to take advantage of what’s on the ship when there are fewer people on board.
  5. I can go to the entertainment – or not. Many know that on board ships there is a lot of great entertainment. From Broadway-style shows to comedy to music, to movies, etc. If it looks interesting, I will go, if not, I’ll find something else to do. Most of the entertainment is included, too!
  6. I can do the on-board activities – or not. If I want to be in the Sudoku challenge (I’ve won before, so has my daughter), do a cupcake decorating class, origami, scavenger hung, get in the pool or hot tub, etc., I can. There are a number of activities I can pick and choose to do. Most of the activities are included, too!
  7. I can see new places. Yes, new countries and cultures every day. If you like beaches, a new beach every day. If you like shopping, new shops every day. If you like seeing the sites, new sites every day.
  8. I unpack at the beginning of the cruise only. You don’t have to pack and unpack every day because you’re going to be in a new place and have to change hotels. No, your hotel takes you to the new place while you eat dinner, see a show, and sleep. No wasted time there!

Whether it’s a day at sea or a day in port. I can do what I want. If I want to do a shore excursion, or get off the ship and shop on my own, or stay on the ship, that’s my choice.