Probably one of the least favorite thing of cruisers is the Muster Drill. You are required to gather at your muster station with everyone else. Sometimes there are places to sit, but usually not for everyone. If your station is out on deck, you are stuck standing there, maybe in the sun, for the entire time. And you must report at the specified time to get your instructions.

Royal Caribbean Group has come up with a great option!

Now, instead of the specified time, you can choose your own time. You will be required to watch the instructions on a phone app or in your stateroom. Sometime after you do that, you can report to your muster station to check in. Your card will be scanned (to know you were there), and you will be “quizzed” to be sure you watched the instructions. You also have the opportunity to ask any questions you may have.

Once you have checked in and answered your questions, you are free to continue on with your vacation. No more crowded muster drills and waiting for THAT one person who is always late. No more interrupting what you are doing to go to the drill.

I look forward to trying this when we finally get to cruise again!