I was supposed to be getting back from a cruise today. It was cancelled. It was going to be our first Carnival Cruise on the Carnival Dream (shown above). I know it’s not the fault of the cruise line. Since other countries are closed to tourism anyway, cruise ships have no place to go.

By the way, we opted for a future cruise credit.

I am, however, looking forward to the time I can get on a ship. As I’ve said before, I am not afraid. I’m more afraid of what happens on an airplane when it comes to cleanliness than I am on a cruise ship. I’m more afraid of what I see happening in grocery stores (all that stuff people touch and don’t buy, and now with unwashed gloves on, which hold germs much more easily).

Cruise ships have always been good at keeping germs to a minimum. Can you catch something? Yes, but that goes for anywhere you are.

Anyway, I hope travel opens up soon – especially cruises – my favorite!