Shore excursions, specialty dining, spa appointments, a drink package, and even some entertainment events on board can be booked ahead, at home. This will allow you to get what you want, when you want it, and not have to wait in a line. Yes, you can still do this on the ship’s app for some cruise lines, but many times you get a discount if booked before boarding. Also, if the time you want is filled up, well…

If you have any dietary restrictions, be sure to let your travel advisor know so he/she can notify the cruise line.

Many of the ocean cruise ships have an adult-only pool area. If you want to spend some time relaxing on deck, without all the noise and chaos, spend some time there. Some ships may have a fee, but most do not.

Many ships have a day pass for the spa. Choose a day at sea, or even a day in port if you don’t want to get off the ship. While it won’t include massages, or treatments, you will have access to the facilities, like a sauna, whirlpool, steam room, relaxation room, etc.

Take some time to walk around the ship and check out some of the artwork, decor, the library, card room, etc. Some ships even have scavenger hunts you can do on your own.

There are a number of activities and entertainment options on each ship. While there are fewer opportunities while you are in port, you are sure to find something of interest. There could be cooking demonstrations, shows, movies, crafts, etc. Some have an extra charge, but most do not.

Get a stateroom with a balcony. This will allow you to step outside anytime you wish. You may sit on the balcony and just enjoy the view.

Before you leave, if you have any questions or concerns, ask your travel advisor.