The second day we woke up well rested. The waves seemed to have rocked us to sleep and keep us asleep.

We got up and and got ready for the day. While getting ready, we watched the show with the Cruise Director and Assistant Cruise Director. It was very entertaining, and we were told about our arrival in Nassau and how the ship would be pulled into dock.

After we were ready, we headed to the Enchanted Garden for breakfast. This was the restaurant open for breakfast. Our server told us he would be there serving breakfast – and he was. There was a nice buffet set up where we could choose what we wanted. I have to say, my favorite every day for breakfast was corned beef hash, grilled tomatoes, and fresh fruit. I know, most people don’t get a kick out of a breakfast like that. My husband enjoyed all the bacon he wanted!

After breakfast we went back to our stateroom and watched as we headed into port and were docked. It was amazing how we turned around and backed into the dock area.

Since this trip was all about doing nothing, we decided not to get off the ship. We also knew there would be fewer people on board, so Wayne could catch a ride on the AquaDuck with a shorter line. Wayne got his swimwear on and headed to the pool deck. I headed out shortly after him so I could watch him on the ride.

While I didn’t get a good shot of him while he was riding, I was able to get this video on a later cruise (on the Disney Wonder) we were in port with the Disney Dream. I was able to get this video:

After Wayne rode the AquaDuck, we decided to hang out on the pool deck for a while before lunch. I enjoyed sitting near the window and watching the happenings off the ship. I also did some reading.

We eventually headed back to the stateroom so Wayne could change and we went to lunch. We opted for the buffet again, so we could sit by the window. Wayne just can’t get enough of that peel and eat shrimp, so the buffet is our choice for lunch. I also like having a variety. i can choose to take a little of a lot of things, or a lot of a couple things. i can do what I choose.

After lunch, we decided to go to a movie in the theater. I don’t know why it is when you are on vacation you seem to get sleepy in the middle of the afternoon. We headed to the stateroom for a rest after the movie. I sat out on the balcony some and did some reading. We also headed to the pool deck so Wayne could get some pop (which is included in the cost of the cruise) from the dispenser. We also sat out on deck for a while. It was very relaxing, exactly what we wanted.

Before we went to dinner, we stepped out onto our balcony and saw lights. Lights in the middle of the ocean? We had left Nassau, and were supposed to be on our way to Castaway Cay. As we got closer, we recognized several of the venues and realized we were headed in to the Nassau port again. Then we heard a siren. The ambulance was heading to the port. It didn’t sound like it was going to be a good vacation for someone. I said a quick prayer for whatever was happening and then we had to head to dinner.

Dinner was at in the Enchanted Garden that night. We found out that we had to return to Nassau for a medical emergency. I felt sorry for that poor family who had to get off the ship. Again, we enjoyed our table mates and our servers. The food was great! We got a kick out of the sisters from Boston. They are Irish and every dinner they asked for a baked potato. They liked baked potatoes!

We were again late in leaving the restaurant, however, not too late to catch a movie before bed.

We slept well again our second night.