Today was Castaway Cay. If you are ever on a Disney Cruise and you go to Castaway Cay, know that it is the most popular stop. That means almost everyone gets off the ship. You get an entire beach day, and they serve up lunch for you on the island. That means you don’t have to go back to the ship to eat. It’s very relaxing.

Well, maybe for everyone who likes the beach. I don’t like the beach. I just don’t like the sand. I enjoy seeing the water, but I can do that on the ship. Since my husband and I were on this trip to be with each other – our first vacation in three years – and I didn’t want to go to the beach, we stayed on board.

My husband got to ride the AquaDuck again, since there were so few people on the ship. We had our pick of seats for lunch, and saw many of the ship’s cast members who had to stay on board. It was almost like a ghost town. We sat on deck and watched the happenings, we sat on our balcony and did some reading, saw a movie, and relaxed.

We also did a Mid Ship Detective Agency adventure. We chose the Case of the Missing Puppies. This adventure starts at one of the kiosks on the ship. You select which case you want to do and then follow the clues. It will take you all over the ship, and you’ll get to see some “enchanted art” as that’s where you’ll find your clues. If you both do the same adventure, you may not have the same order of clues, so if you want to stay together, do it together. While it wasn’t particularly exciting, if you had children along it would be more fun. Would I do it again? Yes, because you will get a nice work out going all over the ship, and see things you normally wouldn’t.

This was a very enjoyable day to have the ship almost to ourselves. Yes, there were a number of people who stayed on board to use the pool and ride the AquaDuck, but for the most part, it was very empty.

Again, dinner was wonderful – it was Pirate Night. You wouldn’t believe how many people really get into this night. It was fun seeing all the little pirates (and some princesses) as well as the older pirates – yes, all ages get involved. The wait staff also dress up in their costumes. After dinner, our table mates (the sisters) met us on the pool deck for the fireworks. We opted to avoid the crowded pool area where the main party was taking place. We sat and talked while we waited for the fireworks. Seeing fireworks in the middle of the ocean is fun! While it isn’t as exciting as the Disney displays in the parks, we saw fireworks in the middle of the ocean!

Again we slept well. I love the rocking motion of the ship.

To be continued…