Planning a vacation can be fun! I know, that’s why I became a travel advisor.

According to a recent travel survey:

  1. 50% fear missing out on the enjoyment of planning travel.
  2. 45% prefer to do research themselves.
  3. 31% believe it costs more to book through a travel advisor.

If you believe you would miss out, or that it costs more, you are in for a surprise.

As travel advisors, our job is to present you with the best possible options tailored to you. This makes planning all the more fun!

Also, we don’t charge fees to help you. We are paid by the vendor (whether cruise line, resort, hotel, etc.), and it doesn’t cost more, either. The price includes a travel advisor commission whether you use an advisor or not.

What is the value of a travel advisor? We know where to look, we know where to find a good value, and we are able to give you tips for your trip. Many times we are able to get you a few little extras at no extra cost, too.

So, don’t be afraid to use a travel advisor!