How time flies… This picture was taken in January 2002. Our youngest was only 3 months old. My family: parents, three of my four siblings and their families, and the six of us (my husband and four children), headed to Walt Disney World. While my parents and my younger brother (who’s in this picture) had already had the chance to meet the newest addition to the family, it would be the first time for the others.

Everyone enjoyed seeing little Opal, especially the characters. Even though she had no clue what was going on, she was a character magnet. They all wanted their picture taken with her. 

My dad kept looking at her and telling my mother how much she looked like me when I was a baby.

She was a “well behaved” baby during the trip. The last night of our trip we were headed back to the Contemporary for the night when Opal, who was hungry, started to cry. After a full week with the family, my brother-in-law said, “That’s the first time all week I’ve heard her cry.”

This was a trip to remember. Almost the entire family was together. We had a few meals we planned at restaurants to be sure we spent at least some time together each day. For the most part, though, we did almost everything together.

The only unfortunate thing that happened was that I missed my family being in the Backlot Tour show together. My husband, my sister and her husband, and one of my nephews were chosen to act (and get wet). I was feeding my sweet little one and told them to go on without me. Oh well…

While Opal sure didn’t remember this trip, everyone else did, and Opal made it even more memorable.