Above – American Cruise Lines “Queen of the Mississippi”

One of these days I’m going to take a river cruise. Why? Well, ever since I read Mark Twain’s Life on the Mississippi and experienced the river on the family motor boat (with week long journeys), I’ve been in love with the Mississippi River. I remember reading the charts so we were sure to take the right way (and avoid sandbars). While we didn’t always get it right, we learned quickly what we did wrong in reading those charts.

While American Cruise Lines has a number of paddle boats that scream the experiences of Samuel Clemens (aka Mark Twain), river cruising isn’t just on the Mississippi and other rivers of the United States. There are a number of river cruises available all around the world, and most are not paddle boats.

What makes river cruising so special? Well, for one thing, sea sickness is not as prevalent. The river, while it can get waves, don’t have the waves of the ocean or large lakes.

Also, many river cruises typically include more, like shore excursions. So, while a river cruise may seem more expensive, they typically include much more than a regular ocean cruise.

River cruises have fewer passengers, so there is a more intimate feel.

History and culture are important aspects of the river cruises, too.

If you have a love of history, are afraid of getting sea sick, or just want to have everything included, then consider a river cruise.