If there’s one thing we’ve realized lately, it’s that things can change at any moment.

Countries had started to open up to tourists, but then they suddenly close. Countries also change their entry requirements including: negative COVID-19 test, mandatory self-quarantine, and even mandatory quarantine in a hotel (at your expense).

Just know, if you are itching to take a vacation to anywhere, especially outside your own country, you may find you can’t take your trip – and maybe right as you are ready to leave. You may also find that you can’t return home.

The rules keep changing, and while sometimes there is time before the change, sometimes it’s immediate or with just a few days notice. That can be difficult if you are already out of the country and may not have heard the news, especially if you are arriving after the change takes effect.

Refunds may be another issue, too, especially since you may be able to take advantage of your purchased vacation. Choosing not to go due to other reasons may not be covered in the vendor’s conditions or even your travel insurance. Be sure to purchase travel insurance with “cancel for any reason” for cases like this. Also, be sure to read the restrictions to be sure you have TRUE “cancel for any reason.”

So, unless you are willing to be flexible about international travel, consider not booking any travel that takes you outside of your country. That’s some pretty sad words coming from a Travel Advisor. I just want you to make an informed decision.