Valentine’s Day, Wedding Anniversaries, Honeymoons, Birthdays, Family Reunions, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and other holidays are all great times for trips.

Wayne and I are going to be celebrating 40 years of marriage this year. Yes, they have all been good years! A cruise is our plan! Celebrating 40 years should be special, and a trip we both enjoy is a good way to celebrate.

Birthdays are another great opportunity to go on trips with both family and friends.

Family reunions, especially, are great for trips, because then no one has to be responsible for all the cooking.

Some families prefer to travel for Thanksgiving and Christmas, because you can just spend time with family without doing all the meal preparation and clean up. You just relax and let someone else do that for you.

If you have a large group going, you need to plan well ahead. You’ll get the best deal and what you want in the way of accommodations, meals, etc.

Planning ahead for just two is also good to do if there are specific accommodations, meals, excursions, etc. you want to do. If you wait, there is the chance you may miss out on a “must do” thing. But, if you don’t mind, you can many times find a good deal waiting. Know that sometimes the price will go up if it is popular.

Just remember, travel with a spouse, family, friends, etc. should be a time to make memories, so make them!